On the 16th of September 2016, representatives of NOU carried out an interesting activity at “Kleis” Kindergarten located in the capital city. The activity was organized under the motto: “Protect yourself from the sun” in order to make it more understandable for this age group.

In the first part of the activity were displayed videos for children such as “Ozzy Ozone”, “Ozone Layer & Hole”, representative of NOU in cooperation with the teachers of the kindergarten, explained to children what is the ozone layer  and why it should be protected. Then, the children painted the figures in printed format, prepared by NOU’s representatives. At the end of the activity the children played and danced in a circle and made common movements together with their teachers under the OZONE SONG.

The activities carried out in this kindergarten informed in a creative and entertaining way, with a view of creating healthy and educative basis, having in consideration that it is better to prevent than to cure.