In the framework of the Ratification  process for the Kigali Amendment, Ms. Sophia Mylona Senior Environment Affairs Officer of the Ozone Secretariat, undertook an official visit in Tirana on 17 -18 May 2018.

The purpose of this visit included the commentary for the global importance of this process and Albania’s commitment and the necessary steps forward for its implementation and compliance.

During this official visit Ms. Mylona has undertaken important activities and meetings with high ranks officials of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Parliament of Albania.

The Minister of Tourism and Environment, His Excellency Mr.Blendi Klosi, during the meeting with Ms. Mylona, underlined Albanian’s sustain for the Kigali Amendment and the commitment of the Government for the Ratification of the Kigali Amendment, in the shortest possible time.

The Deputy Chairmen of the Productive Activity, Trade and Environment Committee Mr. Mima underlined the support of the Parliament of Albania for this process and Ms.Mylona on the other side emphasized the importance of the Kigali Amendment.