On the 16th of September 2020, the representatives of NOU and the Ministry of Tourism and Environment carried out an interesting activity with the children of the “Shkoza’s Community Center”. In this activity participated 15 children of the ages 5 -10, the staff of “Shkoza’s Community Center” and also representatives of the Social Services Directorate in Tirana Municipality. The activity was organized under the motto: “OZONE FOR LIFE – 35 years of ozone layer protection”.

In the first part of the activity videos for small children were displayed, such as “Ozzy Ozone”, “Ozone Layer & Hole” and “Guardians of the Galaxy: Ozone Heroes” . NOU representatives in cooperation with the teachers of “Shkoza’s Community Center” explained to the children what is the ozone layer and why it should be protected.

In the second part of the activity, the painting exhibition was organized with works of pupils of “Shkoza’s Community Center”. In this exhibition 18 paintings and other works were presented in the garden where the children discussed the message they convey. In the children’s paintings prevailed the love for a healthier life, their desire to protect the ozone layer and the message for a common effort toward this direction. To organize the exhibition, the children were given: canvases, cardboard sheets, paintbrushes, acrylic paint packages, watercolour packages, twine, paper clips, etc. The Winners were awarded with symbolic prizes.

At the end, posters, “Ozzy Ozone” comic books and games were distributed to all pupils and teachers as well as T-shirts with the logo of World Ozone Day 2020.